Eclectic. Non-tribalist. This is a personal space to explore any and all topics, with a broad emphasis on US politics, secrecy, power, national security, the “war on terror”, civil liberties, political economy, capitalism, anarchist thought, feminism, the media, the Middle East in the context of US foreign policy, and music – and anything else of interest. Nothing is a priori barred from discussion, free inquiry is encouraged. We must make room for the strange and the beautiful. Along the right hand side of the blog are organized links to what have been the subject of years of reading and listening, including some very talented writers doing important work – enjoy.

While my own intellectual enrichment has come about largely thanks to those who have worked hard at excelling in and delving deeper into one domain, pushing it further, and I’ve benefited from their work, I tend to focus on a broad range of subjects. I believe that too much specialization can sometimes result in intellectual ghettoisation, dividing people into cliques who would otherwise have much in common. For me it was indeed the case that once out of school, and no longer compelled to study them, certain subjects were found to be quite interesting. Knowledge and discussion are not the domain of a specialized few.

Commenters are encouraged to be rude, self-aggrandizing experts, thin-skinned, opinionated, defensive, and of course, always right. There will be no censorship, apart from obvious spamming.


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